About Our Plant

Qureshi Flour Mills plant possesses the most modern equipment encompassing a BuhlerAG plant of 250 metric tons daily capacity and is strategically located in the main metropolitan, port city of Karachi. This allows us to fulfill orders to different markets expeditiously. We have highly qualified personnel, with over years of expertise, dedicated to the production of flour. Our critical asset, the human resources with the support of the state of the art technology ensure only products of superior quality reach our customers. We appreciate the fact that each customer is unique in his own way. We walk that extra mile to develop specific products of flour and feed to address the varying customer requirement. We have, developed more varieties of flours for making bread, pizza, and a host of varied products.

About Our Founder & Brief Story

Qureshi Flour Mills the group are located in Karachi which is the commercial and financial capital of Pakistan. In 1967 Ishtiaq Ahmad Qureshi launched the Qureshi Business group with the establishment of a 100MT/day capacity plant by the name of Shams Flour Mills in Karachi. By 1989 this flour mill underwent a number of upgrade and expansions leading of an increase in capacity to 250 MT/day. By 2001 Qureshi Flour Mills was also launched in Karachi with an installed capacity of 350 MT/day. In 2007 we achieved the status of largest exporter of wheat Flour, Wheat Bran, Semolina etc. Mr. Shams ul Arfeen Qureshi is the Managing Director and someone who personally holds many a record to his name Mr. Qureshi is regarded as one of the leading insurers in Pakistan with triumph over the current operations of the Group. For us wheat is not just a commodity. When you buy "Qureshi Wheat Flour" you buy more than just wheat flour. Our "future-focused vision" is to provide enhanced stakeholders return with a business strategy focused on customer loyalty. Our vision encompasses key aspects like technology up-gradation, continuous improvement, human resources development, and solution providing approach to industrial as well as house hold consumers. This integrated approach is our strategy for corporate growth in today's competitive world. We acknowledge that our success comes from the continuing wholehearted support from the government, shareholders, employees and our valued customers.



A team of qualified personal are continuously working towards intrinsic penetration in our nation wide distribution network conducting marketing activities. Our wide spread Distributors are always striving for perfection towards penetrating into each and every town of the distribution frame work . Farina, Qureshi and Suraj brands are always available at the well-known chain of stores and all other local chains.
Farina, Qureshi and Suraj brands are always available at the well-known chain of stores and all other local chains.



Our brand-Qureshi Flour Mills & Farina-are also very well known and preferred brands in global markets because of their quality and compliance with international quality standards. We have exporting our product line to the middle east, far east, CISS, African and other neighboring countries. Qureshi Business Group has developed its name and credibility with its extensive international trade experience dealing in food grain commodities like lentils, wheat and specially exports of Farina Basmati Rice. In 2006-7 we reached a mile stone of becoming the largest exporter of food grain products from Pakistan.